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Operation Power For Irrigation Riser Pipe

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Pipes and tubes are small structures but among the most commonly used and easily purchased in different forms, styles, model, materials and sizes from pipe markets. These can be used for mechanical and industrial fittings, transportation and shipping, plumbing and piping systems complex along with use in manufacturing of automobiles. Similarly, there is an evident role of pipes in irrigation procedures in form of irrigation riser pipe that connect the upper level equipment with the ground installed pipes. This can be used for distribution of water in streams and lakes as sprinkling riser. On the other hand, poly pipe is equipped with composition of polybutylene polymer. These types of pipes are flexible as these are plastic in nature with quality standard formation used for fluid and flow of liquids through it. The usual projected lifetime of poly piping material is more than 100 years, owing to the extensive strength and high durability level of final poly product.

 Irrigation riser pipe

The important part that maximizes the efficient use of irrigation system is the riser pipe from which water is flowed or sprinkled over. The irrigation riser pipe can be operated both manually and automatically by mechanical assistance. There are quite a number of options by which the opening and closing of the riser pipe hose can be controlled.

  • Riser can be functioned through man force by rotating handle attached to riser screw
  • Via mechanical motor force, irrigator is fitted with batteries that are inert-connected t the motor, leading to open and close activity of risers
  • Concept of timers introduced in irrigation riser pipe assembly, which performs at a standard time set on the machine
  • Batteries and solar panel installation for riser functioning
  • Fully automated piping system can also be used for irrigation and watering

Use of poly pipe

Plastic pipes like PVCs are among the most used construction products that are purchased from different markets in reasonable prices. Poly pipe make up for the best composition in applications like plumbing, water drainage, law water tubing, sprinkling tubes and stream tube wells etc. Poly pipe has been in use for years now with services observed in civil and household pipelines, sewerage system lines, fire fitting businesses for fire mains, mining and constructions etc.

Some of the quality benefits of using poly pipe are that they are inexpensive in purchase, easy to access and install in residences as well as commercial properties. These pipes are made of plastics of different quality, strength and durability level. Another feature of such pipes is that these can be fully welded without the use of rubber or glue at the ends.


Irrigation riser pipe is essential for the supply of ground water to the main source of watering. The riser pipe is located at the top which is either functioned manually, automatically or by setting timer. The poly pipe is another structural accessory that is an important product of construction, manufacturing, plumbing and water drainage and sewerage systems.For more information visit our website www.matrixpiping.com.au.