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How To Choose The Perfect Billiards Table?

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Rails and Cushions

The rails surround the table and contain the cushions which rebound the balls. Look for sturdy wood rails with layered rubber or synthetic cushions. The cushion rebound, height and width impact the balls’ reaction. Cushion height should allow balls to return to the playing surface. Test cushions to ensure the right firmness and bounce.

Playing Surface

The quality of the surface is key when considering which pool table, you want. Slate is made from stone which makes it both flat and smooth. Although it may not sound like much, this minor detail can affect gameplay significantly. Thickness ranges from 3/4 to 1 inch; thicker slate provides better playability. Some alternatives use MDF but slate is still king in terms of serious play.


Billiards table in Gold Coast come in three sizes: 7 feet, 8 feet, and 9 feet. Which one should you pick? Think about two things:

  • How good are you at the game? If you’re new, maybe start with a 7 or 8-foot table. They’re easier to learn on.
  • How much space do you have? Make sure there’s enough room around the table. If your room is small, get a smaller table.

Leg Design

Billiards table gold coast is heavy, so leg design and engineering affect durability. Substantial wood legs along the length of the table are best for stability. Slate-only support legs are prone to wobbling over time. Tables with many individual legs allow for uneven floors. Legs should be recessed to allow players space around the table.

Cloth and Pockets

The table’s cloth comes in various colours, though green is standard. High-quality, worsted woollen cloth allows for smooth rolls. Nap height impacts ball speed. Match the cloth’s appearance and speed to your play style. Pocket size and material affect ball catches. Resilient leather pockets hold tight tolerance over years of play.

Aesthetic Details

Beyond function, the table’s appearance makes a statement. Choose classic carved wood details or sleek, modern designs. Add inlays, carvings or metal accents. Felt colour, wood types, and leg shape contribute to the look. Coordinate with your decorative style for fluid room design.

Space Planning

Consider room size, lighting, flooring and surrounding furniture. Leave ample space around the table unobstructed and allow for viewing angles. Add accent lighting above the table. Install flooring that allows level table legs. Carefully measure and plan the table placement.

Each Billiards table gold coast has its own unique feeling, the sound of balls rolling on its playing surface and being pocketed is just music to your ears. Notice all the small details that impact the playing experience, you might even come across one that makes you play better. Take all the time in the world when testing out tables, eventually, you’ll stumble upon one that fits perfect in any room it’s placed in.