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Comprehensive Details About Anchor Bolts

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To attach objects or structures to concrete, an anchor bolt is used. Anchor bolts are of many types, consisting of multiple designs that are mostly proprietary to the companies. Anchor bolts are consisting of threaded ends for the attachment of nuts and washers, to manage the external load. On all types of projects, anchor types are extensively used, including from the start of building to dams and even nuclear power plants, anchor bolts are part of almost every project. They are also excessively used to firmly fixed the plates to a concrete foundation especially when used with structural steel.

The moat designs of the anchor bolts are consisting of a standard bolt that is of the hexagonal head, and it is cast in a concrete base before it gets sent. There are some other types of designing types of anchor bolts as well, some are with hooks, and some other sort of blending. The strongest type of anchor bolt is cast-in-place. The problem with the casting process is that it is difficult and usually used for heavy machinery that is poured on floors of concrete. 


Anchor bolts are available in different lengths. The short length anchor bolts are problematic when it comes to compressor foundations. It also causes horizontal cracks in the foundation. Due to this reason, nowadays it is recommended to take as long as possible so that they terminate in the concrete mat under the foundation of the concrete. By taking this fixture, they do not contribute to any kind of horizontal cracking and the post-tensioning effect will be added benefit.

Material used

For dynamic machines, anchor bolts are never a too good option because they are not too strong. Anchor bolts are widely made using steel material and ATSM A-193 with a yield of large strength equivalent to 105,000 psi, and the best thing is that they are not too much expensive as compared to steel. In present times the need for high clamping forces is being recognized for compression, due to this alloy steel bolts to ATSM A-139 are enough to provide the required capacity without being shifting to a larger anchor bolt.


Some of the manufacturers of compressors although specify the initial torque value for the pre-installation, but the field experience will be much higher, it can be 2 or three times more, thee clamping force will be needed to lower down the movement or vibration of the frame. Unless the anchor fastener suppliers in Australia are not attached to the foundation, the machine will not perform correctly, or an expensive retrofit has to be done.

Support system

Today, adjustable support systems are more preferable. They are most favorable because they remove the potential problem of poor and bad pre-alignment which happens with full bed grouting from time to time. Another benefit of the adjustable support system is that it allows the hot running condition to obtain as they allow the realignment of the frame if required to achieve the correct alignment. Anchor bolts are part of the adjustable support system.