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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Children CPR Refresher Course

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Human lives as we know it are priceless. Every life matters, no matter the person is rich or poor. Every person from every social circle is important in its own capacity. Teaching our children about self-love and mental health has become a necessity in this era. Today we are living in a time where mental stress has become a monster. Mental health is as important as physical fitness. We should keep a check on teaching our children wellness from the very start. We should do counselling of these young minds from the get-go. As far as physical fitness is concerned we should also teach them surviving skills even if we are not present with them, children should be able to take care of themselves if any medical emergency arises. For this purpose CPR refresher course is a lifesaving training. CPR is immediate medical practice which one can from an emergency when someone is choking or is under medical stress.

Sending our children for CPR refresher course can be the best gift any parent can give to its child. Children are vulnerable, they can be gullible while playing. They are so unpredictable that anything can happen to them in the blink of the eye. We as parents obviously protect our little ones but we cannot be present with them at all times. Leaving them alone even for a second, and God knows what they can do with themselves. To prevent any life-threatening situation it is recommended by the experts to give them basic knowledge of CPR so they can at least prevent themselves from harm.

Choking hazard

Little children, especially toddlers are prone to choking hazards. They tend to put everything in their mouths out of curiosity. Leaving a child alone even for a second and God knows what they can put in their mouths. We should teach our children especially when they reach at the age of ten, CPR refresher course should be mandatory. Every school should take measures to ensure to teach classes above child care first aid Perth. Even if a single person is trained to give CPR assistance in a household, he can be of vital importance. He can be able to prevent any choking hazard and save life which is a great thing of its own.

Drowning hazard

Every year hundreds of cases are reported of children drowning when they enter unsupervised even in their own bathrooms. We can only be so much careful and look after our kids all the time. CPR refresher course does come handy in this case as well. To pump out excess water entered in the breathing tube, CPR refresher course is live-saving. Also this training can be helpful if we send our kids to swimming classes. Go here for group self defence perth.

Sense of responsibility

By teaching our kids CPR refresher courses we instil a sense of responsibility in our kids. They become considerate of their environment and keep an eye out for any person who might be needing immediate medical assistance.